Cross-Country Skiing & Snowshoeing

Escape Your Everyday are Britain’s leading experts in cross country skiing, with experience in more than 30 countries worldwide and a staff which includes Britain’s only medalist in International competition. Our cross country skiing trips in Europe are challenging but good fun. The team includes authors and magazine editors, as well as British representatives on the International Ski Federation. From our years on participation with snow sports, we have also developed expertise in running snowshoeing trips, which have become immensely popular.

Cross-country skiing is a dynamic sport which is practised worldwide and which combines physical activity at all levels of fitness with the experience of being close to nature and the environment. It is Norway’s national sport, but can be practised not only in Scandinavia, but anywhere where there is snow, without the need for artificial and expensive lifts and slopes. Participation in cross-country skiing is much cheaper than its alpine alternative and appeals particularly to those who enjoy the physical experience of running, cycling, hiking and other aerobic outdoor sports.

Snowshoe hiking is an ideal way of reaching secluded and untouched areas of forests, mountains and plateaux. It gives you a access to winter landscapes and is a great way to get out and about in the fresh air. Snowshoes are designed to allow you to follow marked trails, or head off into untouched areas of nature and walk effortlessly through snowfields. Snowshoes are very simple to use and require no previous experience and our guides provide instruction and advice on the best techniques.

Our programme 2019/20 includes trips to the Vercors in the French pre-Alps and to the Czech Republic and Poland, combining a crossing of the Jizera mountains with participation in Poland’s World Loppet race the Bieg Piastow – two holidays with very varied terrain and cultural experiences and offering something for everybody.