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Traverse of the Jizera Mountains

This is an article that was written by Paddy Field, for the LRNSC Club magazine about a trip we made to the Jizera Mountains in March this year. 

A recommended read for anyone thinking of joining us on the Poland Cross Country Ski tour in 2019.

Most skiers know the Scandinavian countries and the Alps reasonably well, but there is a huge swathe of less well-known hills running across Germany, from the Black Forest (and arguably from the French Vosges mountains) eastwards into the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia which present some of the best cross-country skiing in Central Europe.  In the Jizera Mountains (Isergebirge) the country is very Scandinavian in its character.  There are few hotels or even rest stops along the route: once you have set out, there are few chances to turn back.

In mid-March, four of us, set out – […]

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